Sunday, January 10, 2010


Michelle, the genious behind MichellesClayCorner, designs some of the coolest clay figurines I've seen. It is so easy to see that she loves creating each and everyone of her pieces!

Michelle's signature piece comes from her Gingerbread Man series. With more than a dozen designs, there is sure to be one (or more) Gingerbread Man for everyone!
This little character, enjoying some ice fishing, is about 2 inches tall, 3 inches deep and 2.5 inches wide. Michelle uses no molds in her character creation and, with a few exceptions on the accessories, each piece is hand made of polymer clay.

For more details and images of this figurine, click here.

Michelle's talents do not end with her Gingerbread figurines either. If you are looking for a special topper for a birthday cake or want to have that special tree ornament to remember your child's early Christmases, head on over to MichellesClayCorner's Etsy shop. I hope you can take some time to visit and possibly even spend a little money! I also hope you enjoy MichellesClayCorner's work as much as I do.

For more about Michellesclaycorner, here's a little interview with Michelle that was done by one of my previous Etsy Favorites AnnabelsAprons.

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  1. Thanks for featuring me, Darryl, and all your kind words! -- Michelle :o)