Monday, December 14, 2009


One of my all time favorite Etsians is AnnabelsAprons. Aside from being a very talented lady when it comes to fabric and a sewing machine, she's got a very fun personality! Let's talk talent though...

I'll be honest, there are not many episodes of Project Runway that I have missed. Yes I am a man, but I really do like this show. I find the level of detail needed to create these stunning garments to be very similar to my own woodworking - but that's a converstation for another time! The work that goes into making a spectacular dress is really incredible!

Speaking of spectacular dresses let's take a look at one of the sun dresses available in AnnabelsAprons Esty shop.

The Sweet Batik Sundress is one of my favorite items in AnnabelsAprons shop and personally I think it's a great example of how good her work is. The dress fits in all the right places and with Annabel's ability to customize the size and fabric to your choice makes this dress a no brainer!

The example in the photo is a size 12 and is made with a candy apple green batik with purple flowers on it. For more details on the Sweet Batik Sundress, click here.

I can wait here for you here if you would like to go place your order before I move on to the next piece... it's ok, I don't mind.

Considering that her shop is called AnnabelsAprons, let's go ahead and take a look at what Annable has to offer in the aprons department.

Among others, AnnablesAprons offers this great Chef's Apron. The Chef's Apron is a full sized apron, with a long continuous tie that goes through the apron to adjust for size, and still have enough to wrap around waist in front. By folding the top inside, the Chef's Apron may also be worn as a half apron.

The Chef's Apron is a made to order piece and due to fabric availability may not be available in the exact fabrics shown here. With your input on color scheme and style of fabric, Annabel will in no doubt create you a fabulous Chef's Apron to call your own.

For more details on the Chef's Apron, click here.

Finally, here's a link to AnnabelsAprons' Etsy shop. I hope you can take some time to visit and possibly even spend a little money! I also hope you enjoy AnnabelsAprons work as much as I do.

And the AnnabelsAprons website:


  1. I am the lucky owner of one of Ann's aprons and absolutely love it! It's not your average apron for sure! The fabrics she uses are beautiful and the attention to detail fabulous. Check out her shop for sure!