Sunday, December 20, 2009


I have always enjoyed cartoons and at one point in my life had hoped of making my own animations. StarShineGallery is a great Etsy shop with some very fun items available that remind me of classic animation characters.

With it being the Christmas season and this Kringle Ornament being one of my favorites in the StarShineGallery Etsy shop, let's start there.
The whimsical design of this piece just makes me smile looking at it! I really enjoy everything about this character that StarShineGallery has created here and can easily picture this character coming to life.

The Kringle ornament has been hand sculpted in terra cotta clay, kiln fired, and hand decorated in acrylic paint. He sparkles with micro glitter on his beard, moustache and hat and measures 5 inches long.

For additional information on the Kringle ornament, click here.

Another favorite of mine at StarShineGallery is this ornament duo titled Pair of Watt-Nots. These two fellows would be the required comic relief characters in any Christmas themed story that would evolve on your Christmas tree!

This pair of unique ornaments have been hand sculpted in clay, kiln fired, and hand decorated in acrylic paint. These whimsical ornaments measure 2 1/8" long.

For additional information of this Pair of Watt-Nots, click here.

Finally, here's a link to StarShineGallery's Etsy shop. I hope you can take some time to visit and possibly even spend a little money! I also hope you enjoy StarShineGallery's work as much as I do.


  1. wow i really love that santa! he is so expressive :)

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